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How to make Excel Spreadsheets more Efficient?

Make your Excel spreadsheets more efficient with Excel in Practice self-learning courses and templates. Learn how to work with one common data input table, code list and automated interactive reports.

The most common problems when working with Excel and how to solve them with th...

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Excel Task Management 4D

Organise, plan and control your all major project variables: tasks, projects, time and costs with Excel task management template 4D.

Excel task management template 4D is automated and allows:

  • controlled data entry into one common data input table with functionalities for a use...

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Task Management in Excel

Sometimes less is more. If you do not have a professional project management tool, you can still manage your projects in Excel. Although it is not ideal for advanced project management, task management Excel spreadsheets provide a good framework for planning and monitoring small ...

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Custom made Excel applications

Excel is a powerful tool that has become firmly established in business processes worldwide. Excel now has over 750 million users worldwide.

Many small businesses or departments in mid and enterprise companies use Microsoft Excel since it is easy to use and it comes as part of Mi...

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