Task Management 4D

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Excel course/files short description

The purpose of this Task management template is to help you to organise, plan and control your all major project variables: tasks, projects, time and costs.

Excel course/files description

The template files are organized in folders to which work rights can be assigned  to individual users in accordance with GDPR.

You can monitor projects, project realization, received invoices for the project by contractors.

4D Excel task management template is automated and allows:

  • controlled data entry into one common data input  table with functionalities for a user-friendly experience
  • data management for different companies, projects, tasks, resources, with different prices for each level separately
  • creation of common code lists - single data source for all users
  • tracking projects and project history, as you can store data for many years,
  • monitoring project tasks for each client separately,
  • setting parameters for calculating the planned price for each project task separately,
  • review of the project phase, 
  • monitoring the priority of the project, calculated from the number of remaining days until the end of the project,
  • monitoring and entry of realized hours by individual team members,
  • comparison of plan and realization, hours, and costs
  • calculation of DIP - the difference between selling and internal price and calculation of  DIP 2 - the difference between selling and internal actual price,
  • automated reports: TOP 5 projects according to the difference in price, TOP 5 projects by efficiency, timeline, costs, calculation, an overview of human resources,
  • review of received invoices by contractors and open payments.
  • data dictionary so you create your own reports.


Ready-to-use Excel xlms templates are organized in the following folders:
0. Instructions
1. Task Management
2. Realised Hours
3. Invoice
4. Code Lists
5. Reports

Recommended:  for users who want to make their work with Microsoft Excel easier and better 
For: Microsoft Excel 2016, 2019, 2021, and  Microsoft Office 365