Task Management 3D

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Excel course/files short description

3D Excel Task Management template. Plan, manage and track your team's projects, deadlines, tasks, costs, and resources in one automated Excel template.

Excel course/files description

This 3D Excel template for task management is automated and enables:

  • controlled data entry with one common  input table with user-friendly features
  • data management for different companies, projects, tasks, resources, with different costs for each level
  • creating code lists,
  • projects tracking and projects history, as you can store data for many years,
  • tasks monitoring of the project for each client separately,
  • setting parameters for calculating the planned price for each project task separately,
  • overview of the project phase,
  • priority of the project calculated according to the number of remaining days until a project deadline,
  • monitoring and entry of realized hours,
  • comparison of plan/realization, hours and costs,
  • calculation of DIP – the difference between external and internal price, and DIP2 difference between external and internal actual price,
  • automated reports: TOP 5 projects by the difference  in price, TOP 5 by efficiency, timeline, costs, recalculation, human resources overview,
  • data dictionary, so YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN REPORTS.


Ready-to-use template: Excel in Practice-Quick Wins - Task Management.xlsm

Recommended:  for users who want to make their work with Microsoft Excel easier and better 
For: Microsoft Excel 2016, 2019, 2021, and  Microsoft Office 365