Projects 2

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Excel course/files short description

"All-in-One Solution" – A simple project management solution in Excel with a single file and code lists for multiple users, enhanced with lessons on how to record macros to refresh and filter reports and navigate through sheets. Master Microsoft Excel from beginner to advanced with most common real-world use cases. Learn how to automate Excel. YOUR FREE GIFT: HOUSEHOLD BUDGET TEMPLATE!

Excel course/files description

When working with Microsoft Excel, users usually create their files in different ways. In this course, you will learn how to create one file for multiple users to enter project tasks. Code lists for uniform and signalization for controlled data entry

You will learn how to create hidden fields to facilitate the review of results in interactive reports. You will learn how to create counters to display additional data and KPIs, as well as design clearer and more user-friendly tables and reports.

Macros used to refresh and filter your reports, and macros and designated buttons to navigate Excel sheets. You will also learn what you need to know about the Visual Basic editor.

The solution can be shared on:

  • SharePoint portal
  • Lotus Domino server
  • anywhere users have access to the file.

The  Excel course includes:

  • 10 interactive Power Point presentations with videos included. Follow the instructions, click through the commands in the interactive presentation, and learn how to simplify and automate project management using a real-life example.
  • 15 Excel files to learn or use directly in your work. You will receive the final solution, explained step-by-step in the interactive presentation, in a separate XLSM file. You can modify and use it either to learn or directly in your work, meaning you can manage your projects in a different way straight away.
  • A library of macros
  • Solution – template with macros – Project.xlsm to be used straight away or customized to meet your requirements.

Recommended: users who want to easily upgrade reports with macros and extend the functionality of Microsoft Excel with prefixes, IT staff.
Learning time: 10 hours to 4 days, depending on your prior knowledge and available time
For: Microsoft Excel  2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, 2021 and  Microsoft Office 365


Interactive Power Point presentations*  Excel files Excel macro library
2.0 Before you start.ppsm 2.1 Projects.xlsm Module1.bas
2.1 Projects List.ppsm 2.2 Slicers.xlsm Module2.bas
2.2 Input Interface for the Users.ppsm 2.3 Report 0.xlsm Module3.bas
2.3 Signalization and Data Control.ppsm 2.4 Report 1.xlsm
2.4 Design.ppsm 2.5 Report 2.xlsm
2.5 Report.ppsm 2.6 Report 3.xlsm
2.6 Final Touch.ppsm 2.7 Report 4.xlsm
2.7 Double Drop-Down List and Prefix.ppsm 2.8 Report 5.xlsm
2.8 Refresh Reports with Macro.ppsm 2.9 Report Final.xlsm
2.6.1. One File - Multiple Users.ppsm 2.10 ProjectsTemp.xlsm

2.11 Projects1.xlsm

2.12 Projects2.xlsm

2.13 Projects2_macro.xlsm

2.14 Projects3_macro.xlsm

2.15 Projects.xlsm

*with videos included