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Excel course/files short description

Learn how to use Power Query on practical use cases

Excel course/files description

With the Power Query, you can easily transform the original source of data to another data structure needed for reports, on a new worksheet. Original data source stays unchanged. 

Using query you can automate and optimize work in Excel. You can reduce the number of data entries per user, as different data with the same meaning can be named with the same name.  Otherwise, the user would have to enter data in the table individually.


-Split yearly amount to monthly amount with an automated procedure that divides the total amount per individual month: enter e.g. annual amount in planning, and by query divide it into twelve equal amounts by months. Without query, the user would have to enter the monthly amount twelve times.

-Recalculate depreciation for investments, connect them to the code list with accounts

You can use the acquired knowledge in many other use cases. 

Prerequisites for this course: Basic Excel skills, Data validation skills, Writing simple formulas.

The course includes files for two use cases with a query from the table/range.

Recommended:  for users who want to make their work with Microsoft Excel easier and better 
Learning time:  10 minutes to  1 hour, depending on your prior knowledge and available time
For: Microsoft Excel 2016, 2019, 2021, and  Microsoft Office 365

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Interactive PowerPoint presentations* Excel files
5.1 Internal Query Connection
5.1 Department_Query
5.2 Split yearly amount to monthly amount
5.2 Department_Append_Query

5.3 Common_Costs_Start

5.4 Common_Costs

*with videos included