Effective PivotTable Reporting

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Excel course/files short description

Learn how to build an effective pivot table reporting with one input table and data control. This content is part of the Projects 1 course.

Excel course/files description

Get rid of manually created reports, with data you have to constantly correct manually as well and therefore might get the wrong result due to the high risk of errors.
Based on the project management use cases, you will learn how to build an effective pivot table reporting with one input table and code lists.

The Excel course includes:

  • Create a stable and efficient PivotTable - a report and upgrade it with key performance indicators – KPIs,
  • Create additional data to stabilize the number and date formats and learn how to derive the date to display correctly in the reports,
  • Prepare  the data so that you can see the daily updated results,
  • Use the PivotTable and create counters to display important data on reports or dashboards. Count the open and closed projects to date -  current day, 
  • Upgrade Pivot Table with Slicers, 
  • Lock the table and slicers to avoid   movement  when the sheet changes, 
  • Connect slicers with different tables so that their selection will have an impact on all tables/results…,  or not, 
  • Exclude errors and grand totals from the PivotTable and set up data refresh, 
  • Number the code lists and enable the correct sorting of data in the report
  • Optimize the transparency of the data in the PivotTable.

Recommended:  for users who want to make their work with Microsoft Excel easier and better 
Learning time:  10 minutes to  1 hour, depending on your prior knowledge and available time
For: Microsoft Excel 2016, 2019, 2021, and  Microsoft Office 365

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