Costs 2

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Excel course/files short description

Network version of Costs 1, with a focus on the Microsoft Query editor, DataStage basics and data warehouse (DWH) in any environment. You will gain additional knowledge on how to automatically integrate data from different sources into a main file where users enter cost planning data. YOUR FREE GIFT: TASK MANAGEMENT 4D TEMPLATE!

Excel course/files description

Learn all network data connections. Create checkpoints to validate database content against the expected data. Learn how to redirect query, pivot tables and macros to a new location – for example when moving a solution from a local to a network environment. Field naming, administration, query archive, tips and tricks for efficient and user-friendly solutions, refreshing databases with macros.

You will learn Microsoft Excel network settings. The course and solutions are upgrade of Costs 1 aimed at experts.

The Excel course includes:

  • 10 interactive Power Point presentations with videos included. You will follow the instructions and click through the commands in the interactive presentation and learn how to simplify and automate costs planning using a real-life example.
  • 9 Excel files to learn or use directly in your work. You will receive the solution explained step-by-step in the interactive presentation, in a separate XLSM file. You can modify and use it either to learn or directly in your work which means you can manage your costs in a different way straight away.
  • A library of macros
  • A network solution (organized folders, database, reports, centralized code list) – Annual costs plan –  to be used straight away or customized to meet your requirements.

Recommended: IT staff
Learning time: 14 days to 2 months, depending on your prior knowledge and available time
For: Microsoft Excel 2016, 2019, 2021 and
 Microsoft Office 365


Interactive Power Point presentations*   Excel files Annual cost plan Macro library
5.0 Before you start.ppsm 5.1 Department_Start.xlsm 1. Departments
Macro in Workbook
5.1 Pivot Table & Pivot Chart Wizard.ppsm 5.2 Department_Query.xlsm 2. Common Costs
Personal Macro
5.2 Internal Query Connection.ppsm 5.3 Department_Append_Query.xlsm 3. Lists

5.3. Refreshing Reports using Macro.ppsm 5.4 Department_Macro.xlsm
4. Databases

5.4. External Query Connection and Refreshing.ppsm 5.5 Department_Macro_RESULT.xlsm
5. Reports

5.4.1 Upgrade_Split yearly amount.ppsm
5.6 Common_Costs.xlsm
6. Refresh Database

5.5. Network Database.ppsm 5.7 Department_ExternalQuery.xlsm
7. Data Control

5.6. Refreshing Databases and Reports.ppsm 5.8 Department_Database.xlsm

5.7. Administration.ppsm 5.9 Department.xlsm

5.8. Tips & Tricks.ppsm

*with videos included