How to make Excel Spreadsheets more Efficient?

Make your Excel spreadsheets more efficient with Excel in Practice self-learning courses and templates. Learn how to work with one common data input table, code list and automated interactive reports.

The most common problems when working with Excel and how to solve them with the correct use of Excel:


  • Fixed tables on individual sheets, email attachments,
  • Formula copying and editing,
  • Manually entering new data,
  • Manual upgrade of the current formulas in fixed tables,
  • High risk of formula errors due to manual work,
  • Time-consuming tasks,
  • Several data sources, each user manually enters & edits data in their file,
  • Sending attachments by email, lost files and data,
  • Common reports cannot be created.


  • Teamwork with a single, shared input table, or with several equal tables on the network,
  • Automated data table,
  • Centralized code lists,
  • Automated upgrade of the current formulas,
  • Automated data control and validation,
  • Automated data update in real time,
  • Single data source from a common database,
  • Files on the network,
  • Automated interactive reports update upon opening a file.

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