Excel templates

Excel spreadsheets can be used in various use cases, from planning your daily tasks and tracking your company expenses to creating automated interactive reports. However, Excel is not a simple program and not all users have enough time to learn advanced Excel skills.

For this purpose, we have developed Excel templates ›. You can use templates for different use cases and speed your work and improve consistency.

With Excel templates, you can easily:

  • manage your projects and tasks,
  • plan and monitor your investments,
  • track your inventory,
  • track your protective equipment.

All templates based on concept with one common input table, code lists and automated reports.

However, since all templates also have their limitations, we suggest that you acquire the knowledge to be able to create optimal solutions for your business cases. The best start to get advanced Excel skills for “all in one” Excel solutons is Project 1 course. Learn more ›