Is Excel Overrated?

Is Excel Overrated?

Excel is not overrated. In fact, Excel is underrated by many users since they don’t understand the power of Excel or cannot acquire the relevant Excel skills to leverage Excel functions and logic for their business use cases. With Excel you can do complex work with spreadsheets without having to understand the fundamentals of computer science or code anything.

In several business cases, Excel can replace programmed applications and fasten the development of business solutions.

The right question is therefore Why is Excel underestimated?

  • The first reason might be the fact that developers often view Excel as a simple tool, perfectly adequate to help tech-challenged office workers to accomplish basic tasks, but without much value for serious programmers.
  • The second reason is that most of the users do not have advanced Excel skills and use Excel as typists. They type data into spreadsheets and use simple formulas and think that this is everything Excel can do.

The advantage of Excel

Excel is a powerful spreadsheet tool that professionals in many fields can use for data analysis and visualization. It has many powerful tools for various functions to make daily work with data easier, faster, and more efficient. With advanced Excel skills and the right approach, you can drastically optimize repetitive daily tasks and increase productivity.

With Excel in Practice courses, you will learn how to solve problems by working properly with a single table with a simple database in the background. The result is:

  • Error-free, controlled data entry, facilitated by mandatory fields with centralized code lists
  • Real-time refreshing of data from different tables (sources)
  • A common table linked to several input tables. It is a "database" used to create interactive reports, monitor KPIs, and create dashboards.

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