Excel for marketers

Excel is one of the most used tools for data analysis by marketers. If you a marketer, you probably use Excel very often for planning costs, projects, tasks, sales and preparing several different reports. But how well do you really know how to use it? Most of marketers can’t use Excel in optimized way. However, using advanced Excel features in marketing is imperative. On the other hand, good Excel skills are also prerequisite for a job position in marketing.

Working with Microsoft Excel without good skills often implies dealing with a huge amount of xlsx tables. The tables are completed manually, the data is not controlled, hence there is a high chance of errors (typing errors, the same content entered in different ways, etc.).

Making a report from several tables is demanding and time consuming task because yet another table needs to be created – which is again done manually.

Working with Excel can be significantly simplified and automated by working properly with a single input table and a simple database in the background. The result is:

  • error-free, controlled data entry, facilitated by mandatory fields with centralized code lists
  • real-time refreshing of data from different tables (sources)
  • a common table linked to several input tables. It is a "database" used to create interactive reports, monitor KPIs, create dashboards.

As a project manager you would need advanced Excel skills to optimize and automate:

  • cost planning
  • project & task management
  • reporting
  • tracking sales
  • tracking stocks
  • tracking ROI
  • interactive dashboards
  • KPIs

In Excel in Practice interactive self-learning course (Projects 1,2 ›) you will learn about some most useful Excel features and functions and see practical examples of how to use them for project management and costs planning. Even if you have already spent a lot of time in Excel, it is likely you will learn some more advanced techniques to create your own Excel applications and automate your work with Excel.

You will also get solution – Excel template – to be used straight away or customized to meet your requirements.

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