Automate Excel Spreadsheets

Create and maintain creative and automated Excel spreadsheets.

Working on time-consuming and tedious task with Excel, spending hours researching how to write complex formulas? But at the end of the day, you always miss something, or it breaks?

Learn how to use Excel to automate repetitive tasks. Solve your problems using Power Query and connect data from different sources to each other.

Step 1: Prepare the data based on use cases and to connect them into a meaningful Excel application:

1.1 Define data you want to collect, enter and monitor in reports,

1.2 Define code lists that will help users to simplify and automate data entry and minimize errors, add data control functions that will alert users about missing or wrong data

1.3 Create interactive reports from one, common input table which will be automatically refreshed when the data is changed

Step 2 : Set more external data sources and connect them in a common database which is a single source for all common interactive reports for the whole company, for all projects, dashboards and KPIs:

2.1 Extract the data, import the data from different sources

2.2 Transform and clean the data

2.3 Load the data

2.4 . Finally, build a small and simple data warehouse and extract the information in dashboards and reports for everyone use.

Use Excel more efficiently and in a modern way. Take our PPROJECTS 3 ›, COSTS 1 ›, COSTS 2 › courses or relevant PACKAGES to learn the steps and logic, how to build a simple and comprehensive Excel network solutions, and save time and money.