Task tracking in Excel

Plan, manage and track your team's tasks, projects, deadlines, costs, and resources in one automated Excel solution.

Learn how to automate Excel by working properly with a single table with a simple database in the background. The result is:

  • error-free, controlled data entry, ...

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Automate Cost Management in Excel

Learn how to automate your Work in Excel:

  • Plan your costs,
  • Compare the cost plan with realization,
  • Track cost by projects, cost centers, and accounts,
  • Optimize your work with one file for multiple users, each user has its data input table,
  • Create common reports.

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Free Excel templates

Excel in Practice Aug 31, 2022

Download free Excel templates:

  • Cost planning,
  • Task management,
  • Production maintenance, or
  • Sales dashboard

and learn how to modernize your work in Excel with one data input table, code list, and automated interactive reports. Simplify and speed up your work in Excel. Templat...

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