How to automate reports in Excel

One of the repetitive tasks in many companies is reporting (projects, cost estimates, sales…). Reports are usually prepared manually in many cases in Excel. Working in Excel often implies dealing with a huge amount of xlsx tables. The tables are completed manually, the data are...

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Excel for project management

Although Excel is not marketed as a project management software, when it comes to project tracking, the tool is more efficient than most people realize.

If you do not have a professional project management tool, Excel might be the best choice. On the other hand, if you already ha...

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Top 3 most useful Excel formulas

If you want to automate your work in Excel, the combination of formulas VLOOKUP + IF + TODAY () is an extremely useful tool. With these 3 key formulas you can present all events that are important in a work process (e.g., costs monitoring, tasks tracking, delivery dates…).

The IF...

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