How to create a common report from several Excel tables

Learn how to create a common Excel report from several tables on separate sheets for multiple users:

  1. Create a query from table / range
  2. Append queries in a single database
  3. Create a common report Watch the video for cost planning use case.

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8 steps Excel automation guide

Automate your work in Excel and significantly reduce the time for performing daily tasks and reduce the possibility of errors due to manually entering all data. Follow 8 key steps and modernize your work in Excel.

  1. Define the data you are interested in and want to collect. Consi...

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BI capabilities in Excel

Microsoft Excel is the most popular spreadsheet tool globally.

Although it is not the only program offering functions and Pivot Tables regarding Business Intelligence, Excel is still one of the most commonly used BI tools. With advanced excel skills you can build a simple data w...

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